Workshop “New Frontiers in Plant Biology” at CBGP Madrid, Spain, April 17-19, 2024

LemnaTec has supported the workshop “New Frontiers in Plant Biology”, and Dr. Robert Tietz, managing director, together with Dr. Marcus Jansen, application scientist, have participated in the meeting.

There were many interesting talks and posters ranging from molecular biology to plant phenotyping in ranges of applications, including plant stress, crop improvement, basic research, and plant pathology. Reserachers from CBGP and many international guests presented their current progress in research. During the workshop, Marcus Jansen and Robert Tietz gave a demonstration of the LemnaTec PhenoAIxpert HT and PhenoAIxpert Pro Root installed in the CBGP facilities. Thereby, imaging and image processing capabilities of the systems were shown to interested participants of the meeting. At CBGP, the PhenoAIxpert HT moves plants from two climatically different compartments of a greenhouse into an imaging cabinet that enables RGB and multispectral imaging. Such images can be used for morphological and physiological phenotyping, e.g. to reveal impacts of the climatic settings on plant development. The PhenoAIxpert Pro Root is manually loaded with rhizotron boxes and allows simultaneous phenotyping of roots and shoots.