Since 1998, LemnaTec has led the development of plant phenotyping technology. Today we continue to innovate in the laboratory, greenhouse and field with a comprehensive range of solutions for digital phenotyping and seed testing.

LemnaTec’s solutions for measurement and evaluation of plant phenotypes and their varieties enable customized solutions for industrial corporations such as world’s leading players in the Ag industry as well as for international research institutions and universities.

In addition to plant analysis, LemnaTec also provides analytical methods for detection of plant diseases as well as infestation by insects and other animals, which often occur as pathogens of plants.

Solutions for digital seed testing developed by LemnaTec do provide valuable services in the seed industry and for gene banks in determining germination rate, germination quality and seed quality.

Scalable solutions for indoor farming enable our customers to monitor growth conditions and optimize quality and yield.

Since August 2019, LemnaTec GmbH is a proud member of the Nynomic group of companies. Nynomic AG is an internationally leading manufacturer of products for permanent, non-contact and non-destructive optical measurement technology.
For further details about Nynomic AG and its group companies, please visit this page or the Nynomic website.


Dr. Robert Tietz

Managing Director

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