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Our recent Newsletters

  • Newsletter 09/2022CanopyAIxpert – sensor to plant phenotyping system, Customer Study: Plant Phenotyping helps to identify beneficial microbes, New Review Paper on Ecotoxicology

  • Newsletter 02/2022Bioluminescence Phenotyping – LemnaGrid now with Machine Learning – Seed Positioner

  • Newsletter 12/2021Multispectral Imaging – Installation of the PhenoAIxpert HTC at a customer in the USA

  • Newsletter 09/2021Contact points in the USA – Advnaced imaging capabilities: NDVI imaging – Application examples: Of beans and mosses – a broad range phenotyping story

  • Newsletter 06/2021PhenoAIxpert HTC, the new member of the PhenoAIxpert family – Phenotyping hemp germination and seedlings – Online conference of the Korean Society of Breeding Science

  • Newsletter 05/2021Machine learning in phenotyping and seed testing – Customer application example: Phenotyping cherry gene pools – Change in the management of LemnaTec – Distribution partnership with R2F Agrobusiness in Brazil

  • Newsletter 02/2021 – all about seed-related applications! Seed respiration: partnership with Fytagoras BV – Seed Online Conference organized by IPK Gatersleben – Seed counting with LemnaTec software – Seed purity assessments with LemnaTec software

  • Newsletter 12/2020: PhenoAIxpert HT for Northwest A&F University, China – New distribution partnership with Polaris Science for Singapore and Malaysia – Customer publication: Phenotyping-do we mearsure the right parameters?

  • Newsletter 10/2020: PhenoAIxpert ES monitors microbial colonization of plants at University of Amsterdam – LemnaTec scientists authored book chapter on plant phenotyping – LemnaTec’s participation in the DePhenSe projcet resulted in a publication on artificial intelligence.

  • Newsletter 07/2020: PhenoAIxpert ES product launch – LemnaTec establishes cooperation with Computomics for the distribution of CropScore – LemnaTec establishes distribution agreement with LaserPoint (Italy).

  • Newsletter 06/2020: HyperAIxpert product launch – LemnaTec establishes distribution partnerships for France (Optoprim) and Ozeania (PAS) – Application example: fruit phenotypes related to seed ripeness

  • Newsletter 04/2020: SeedAIxpert product launch – LemnaTec and Analytik Ltd sign distribution agreement – Application example: wheat under water limitation

  • Newsletter 03/2020: PhenoAIxpert product launch – EMPHASIS photo competition – Meet our sales team

  • Newsletter 02/2020: ImageAIxpert product launch – LemnaTec in new offices – LemnaTec as part of the Nynomic group of companies