5th International Plant Phenotyping Symposium and Product Launch: LemnaTec PhenoTron

5th IPPS

The fifth International Plant Phenotyping Symposium with take place in Adelaide, Australia, 2nd to 5th October 2018, bringing together plant science and technology experts. Marcus Jansen, Chief Scientist of LemnaTec, is going to present a poster about the progress of a joint research program between LemnaTec, RWTH Aachen and the Julius Kühn Institute.

Marcus is also available for meeting in the exhibition area, providing information on seed-, whole plant-, and root- phenotyping. You can meet our phenotyping expert at table no. 13. We are looking forward to discussing with you on your phenotyping demand and to introduce our technology to you.

Product Launch: LemnaTec PhenoTron

Please visit our booth no. 13 at IPPS to find out more about the latest addition to our product portfolio:

The LemnaTec PhenoTron, an entry level phenotyping solution, provides an affordable platform to conduct phenotyping experiments with an easy-to-use interface based on LemnaTec’s proven LemnaTec software suite.

The LemnaTec Phenotron combines a wide selection of sensors (VIS RGB camera, NIR camera, Stereo 3D camera, …) with an integrated growth chamber, a versatile LED illumination with adjustable spectrum and intensity, on a convenient table-top size, thus allowing to conduct experiments under controlled environmental conditions at affordable prices.

In case you will miss this event, please contact us for more information under Enable JavaScript to view protected content. or call +49 2408 93830

Since 1998, LemnaTec has led the development of plant phenotyping technology. Today our equipment is used by scientists throughout the world to analyse traits and to accurately measure the development of plants.

Using data derived from digital images, our systems enable scientists to accurately measure the effects of climate and environment on plant development and to characterise genomic functionality. This information has enormous value in scientific research, precision agriculture, breeding, environmental monitoring and for the development of treatments for cultivation.

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By combining state-of-the-art software with highly reliable machine platforms and optical sensors, LemnaTec has created a comprehensive range of plant phenotyping solutions for use in the laboratory, greenhouse and field. These systems are capable of delivering highly accurate and repeatable data sets across thousands of different applications.

News & Events

LemnaTec phenotyping solutions support thousands of different research applications with an extensive library of system pre-sets, algorithms and technical papers.

  • LemnaTec’s phenotyping software completes the picture at the Vienna Biocenter

    LemnaTec OS, the advanced phenotyping software system from global biotech specialist LemnaTec GmbH, has been deployed at the Vienna Biocenter Core Facilities with a growth chamber designed to simulate different climates and stress conditions. An example movie shows how the analysis works in Vienna.

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  • Deep field phenotyping becomes reality at Rothamsted Research

    In partnership with LemnaTec, the global plant phenotyping specialist, scientists at Rothamsted Research have implemented a Field Scanalyzer capable of continuously monitoring the development of crops under field conditions.

    The facility will be used initially to understand the development of numerous pre-breeding wheat lines that have been generated through the Wheat Genetic Improvement Network (WGIN) programme supported by Defra and the Wheat Initiative Strategic Programme (WISP), funded by the BBSRC and led by the John Innes Centre in collaboration with Rothamsted Research and other university partners.

    Dr Malcolm Hawkesford, Head of Plant Biology and Crop Science at Rothamsted, tells the story so far.

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Technical Papers

  • Determining morphometric parameters from plant shoots (SMP)

    Morphometric image analysis of plants relies on reducing a complex shape into simple mathematical models.

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  • The moving field concept

    The better growth conditions in greenhouses simulate field conditions, the more relevant greenhouse tests will be.

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