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You, our customers, told us you would like to hear more about LemnaTec and we listened to it. What is coming up? 1. Your tasks in phenotyping and seed [...]

DLG-Technikertagung 2020 51. Fachtagung des DLG-Ausschusses „Versuchswesen in der Pflanzenproduktion“ Gemeinsam mit unserer Schwesterfirma tec5 wird LemnaTec bei der DLG-Technikertagung 2020 in Hannover, 28. & 29. Januar 202o vertreten [...]

Brassica heat and drought phenotyping

A LemnaTec Scanalyzer at work: Environmental stresses frequently occur in combination, particularly the combination of high temperatures and low water availability is common during hot weather. Such stresses negatively affect [...]


We bought a LemnaTec LabScanalyzer on July 2018. The instrument was delivered to us and installed remotely by a Lemnatec technician that instructed us about the use of the instrument. We were happy about the service: very good communication and excellent instrument set-up. The Lemnatec LabScanalyzer works nicely and is even more user-friendly than we expected. Almost no training of new users is needed. We hope to expand the uses of the instrument to obtain additional phenotyping options in the future, by interacting with LemnaTec.

Prof. Pierdomenico Perata
School of Advanced Studies, Pisa, Italy
Institute of life science

We bought a Lemnatec Scanalyzer PL (today offered as LabScanalyzer) on June 2016. The instrument was delivered to us and installed personally by Lemnatec technician that instructed us about the use of the instrument. During two years, we evaluated and analyzed different species of plants under abiotic stress using RGB cameras and analyzed with LemanGrid software that is a magnific tool to determinate the morphometric traits and color segmentation. We were happy about the service: very good communication and excellent instrument set-up.

Dr. Daniel Padilla Chacon
Colegio de Postgraduados
Campus Montecillo

At the Bavarian State Research Center for Agriculture in Freising, Germany, we have been using a LemnaTec Scanalyzer3D (today offered as Conveyor Scanalyzer) system, which we named 'the moving fields facility', almost continuously since April 2013. This conveyor belt system has enabled us to phenotype simultaneously the above- and belowground biomass production of various crops, most notably barley, maize and potatoes. As such, the moving fields facility has successfully been at the core of various projects on drought stress, fertilizer reduction and plant-microbe-interactions.

Dr. Wouter Vahl
Bayerische Landesanstalt für Pflanzenbau
Institut für Pflanzenbau und -Züchtung (IPZ)
Freising, Germany


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Plant Phenotyping

Since 1998, LemnaTec has led the development of plant phenotyping technology. Today our equipment is used by scientists throughout the world to analyse traits and to accurately measure the development of plants.

Using data derived from digital images, our systems enable scientists to accurately measure the effects of climate and environment on plant development and to characterise genomic functionality. This information has enormous value in scientific research, precision agriculture, breeding, environmental monitoring and for the development of treatments for cultivation.

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By combining state-of-the-art software with highly reliable machine platforms and optical sensors, LemnaTec has created a comprehensive range of plant phenotyping solutions for use in the laboratory, greenhouse and field. These systems are capable of delivering highly accurate and repeatable data sets across thousands of different applications.


LemnaTec phenotyping solutions support hundreds of different research and quality control applications with an extensive library of system pre-sets, algorithms and technical papers.

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LemnaTec phenotyping solutions support thousands of different research applications with an extensive library of system pre-sets, algorithms and technical papers.

LemnaTec’s phenotyping software completes the picture at the Vienna Biocenter

LemnaTec OS, the advanced phenotyping software system from global biotech specialist LemnaTec GmbH, has been deployed at the Vienna Biocenter Core Facilities with a growth chamber designed to simulate different climates and stress conditions. An example movie shows how the analysis works in Vienna.

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Deep field phenotyping becomes reality at Rothamsted Research

In partnership with LemnaTec, the global plant phenotyping specialist, scientists at Rothamsted Research have implemented a Field Scanalyzer capable of continuously monitoring the development of crops under field conditions.

The facility will be used initially to understand the development of numerous pre-breeding wheat lines that have been generated through the Wheat Genetic Improvement Network (WGIN) programme supported by Defra and the Wheat Initiative Strategic Programme (WISP), funded by the BBSRC and led by the John Innes Centre in collaboration with Rothamsted Research and other university partners.

Dr. Malcolm Hawkesford, Head of Plant Biology and Crop Science at Rothamsted, tells the story so far.

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