Fluorescence imaging in physiological phenotyping

Fluorescence imaging in physiological phenotyping Fluorescence provides access to pigment-related data that are not provided by visible light images. Most prominently, chlorophyll emits fluorescence after excitation by light, but other pigments and breakdown products of chlorophyll can emit fluorescence, too. Chlorophyll causes red fluorescence that dominates the light [...]

Book recommendation – High-Throuput Plant Phenotyping

Current Book Recommendation "High-Throuput Plant Phenotyping" by Argelia Lorence and Karina Medina-Jimenez Dr. Marcus Jansen has read the newly published book "High-Throuput Plant Phenotyping" by Argelia Lorence and Karina Medina-Jimenez from the Arkansas State University (USA) for you. Here you can read his opinion. [...]

analytica 2022

LemnaTec at analytica - World's Leading Trade Fair for laboratory technology, analysis, biotechnology and analytica conference June 21–24, 2022 | Messe München Three of the members of the Nynomic group – LemnaTec GmbH, tec5 AG, and Spectral Engines GmbH – will exhibit at the analytica 2022 (booth [...]

Seed Positioner

Seed Positioner Positioning seeds on trays, both soil-filled and with moist paper, can be laborious. With our vacuum seed positioner, we offer an easy way for placing seeds. The system attaches seeds on a plate where vacuum sucks in air through a series of holes that are [...]


Bioluminescence Luminescence can serve as genetic reporter. It can not only label gene products or metabolites, but it can serve to visualize plant-microbe interactions. Researchers at the University of Amsterdam used luminescence labelled Xanthomonas campestris that infect Arabidopsis thaliana plants. The luminescence helps to follow the [...]

Multispectral Imaging

Phenotyping with multispectral imaging In physiological phenotyping, multispectral channel-wise imaging gives more informative data compared to simple photography. Presence and combination of various biochemical compounds are the main determinant of the plant’s physiological status. As the biochemical properties of the plant’s surface determine optical properties, multispectral imaging [...]

Root Phenotyping with LemnaTec Software

Root Phenotyping with LemnaTec Software For plants, roots are as important as shoots are. However, in most cases they are below ground, and thus they are not visible to humans. When considering the plant’s properties, frequently roots are neglected. Despite this, it becomes increasingly important to analyze [...]

Hemp phenotyping with PhenoAIxpert HT

Hemp phenotyping with PhenoAIxpert HT Hemp plants are of industrial (fiber production) and medical (use active ingredients like CBD, THC) interest and thus breeding optimized varieties is an important task. In any breeding process, not only genetics but similarly phenotypes need thorough analyses, and robust genotype-phenotype relations [...]

How digital phenotyping helps

How Digital Phenotyping Helps How digital phenotyping helps - or why should I use phenotyping technologies? 1.      Bringing phenotyping to eye-level: nearly all processes in biological investigation run on high-tech basis. Analyzing DNA, proteins, or other metabolites use automatic machines that process the samples and deliver [...]

Of beans and mosses – a broad range phenotyping story

Of beans and mosses – a broad range phenotyping story Is the LemnaTec phenotyping technology actually suitable for my plant species? The story of a system initially acquired for bean research and stepped into the investigation of mosses: Using LemnaTec imaging and image processing for seed plants [...]