Reliable data in toxicology

Assessing toxic effects of chemicals, pesticides, drugs, food adjuvants, and many more substances

The information whether a substance has toxic effects to plants is essential in various application cases. This comprises wanted toxicity of candidate herbicidal substances as well as the exclusion of toxicity for any substances that accidentally come in contact with plants in the environment. A standard procedure for testing such toxicity is the duckweed test, which is well established in many laboratories. It is used for many applications including environmental monitoring, in product development, or for assessment of water quality.

Beyond LemnaTec’s imaging and image processing tools for duckweed analysis, other image processing procedures can serve to address toxic effects. This can comprise measuring movements or feeding of insects, mites, or other small organisms, or the phenotypic analysis of plant stress responses, e.g. in response to soil salinity or soil contamination.

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  • LemnaTec Duckweed Analysis for toxicology assessments
    Duckweed growth inhibition tests are widely used for risk assessments in many areas. For instance, testing plant toxicity of chemicals, including plant protecting agents and other substances used in agriculture and gardening.
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  • Customer application example: development of ecofriendly pesticides
    In the current debate on pesticides causing environmental damage, the search for ecofriendly pesticides is gaining importance. Plants frequently contain compounds that counteract fungi or other plants; thus, such substances might be used in agriculture.
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  • Customer application example: plant-derived bioactive compounds
    Conserving and protecting natural environments is highly valuable anyway. However, it promotes access to new sources of useful materials, too.
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  • Customer application example: toxicity assessment to develop eco-friendly fuel systems
    Fossil fuels have limited availability, and – most important – burning them endangers the world’s climatic system. Thus, there is an urgent demand for alternate, environment-friendly fuel systems.
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  • PhenoAIxpert (configured for toxicology tests)
    The versatile phenotyping system for laboratories – your entry to the phenotyping world.
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  • HyperAIxpert (configured for toxicology tests)
    The most flexible multi-sensor laboratory phenotyping system for Arabidopsis, seedlings, petri dishes, MTPs, and many more sample types.
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We bought a LemnaTec LabScanalyzer (the predecessor of PhenoAIxpert) in July 2018. The instrument was delivered to us and installed remotely by a Lemnatec technician that instructed us about the use of the instrument. We were happy about the service: very good communication and excellent instrument set-up. The Lemnatec LabScanalyzer works nicely and is even more user-friendly than we expected. Almost no training of new users is needed. We hope to expand the uses of the instrument to obtain additional phenotyping options in the future, by interacting with LemnaTec.

Prof. Pierdomenico Perata, School of Advanced Studies, Pisa, Italy, Institute of life science

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