LemnaTec Services and Customer Support

We want to ensure that you maximise your investment in our technology. To help you achieve this, we offer a comprehensive range of support and maintenance packages that you can confidently rely on.

If you would like to know more about setting up a new support contract, please email us.

Customer Service: customer.service@lemnatec.com or call +49 2408 9383 400

Technical features change with time and new ideas come into play. If you have an existing LemnaTec system and think of upgrades, accessories, or additional features, please contact us, we will work with you for a solution.


Support for contract customers

If you already have a support contract, log your support call here:


The LemnaTec Academy

The LemnaTec Academy was established to transfer knowledge within the global phenotyping community. Over nearly two decades, LemnaTec has built up a huge knowledge base relating to plant phenotyping which covers digital imaging, image processing and data analysis techniques. Our interdisciplinary teams support the entire application life cycle with training, workshops and consulting services. The LemnaTec team of phenotyping experts offers a variety of training and consulting services. Please contact us to identify the service that meets your demand.