HyperAIxpert presented in BIOspektrum

Our HyperAIxpert was presented in the current BIOspectrum journal. The text in BIOspektrum is in German – we provide the English version here:

Automated phenotyping for seedlings and more

Enormous technical progress has been made in the quantitative evaluation of phenotypes in recent years, so that automated and standardizable methods are available with which phenotypic properties of Arabidopsis plants, seedlings up to 20 cm in height or insects can be quickly digitally recorded.

The innovative LemnaTec HyperAIxpert is an analysis system with a selection of camera types – RGB, chlorophyll fluorescence, hyperspectral cameras, near-infrared cameras, and laser scanners – for morphological and physiological phenotyping. The measuring head of the system automatically changes the cameras according to the measurement protocol programmed by the user.

In combination with a comprehensive software package for data acquisition, image analysis and data processing, numerous fields of application can be processed. All camera settings and evaluation procedures can be flexibly adapted to the analysis requirements. In addition to the linking of genotypes to phenotypes, the effects of environmental factors on phenotypic properties can be analyzed. An optional semi-automatic feeding of sample carriers from a shelving system completes the system.