LemnaTec Book Contribution
Intelligent Image Analysis for Plant Phenotyping

LemnaTec’s Chief Scientist Dr. Marcus Jansen has authored a book chapter on “Multisensor Phenotyping for Crop Physiology” together with two former LemnaTec colleagues, Dr. Stefan Paulus (now at Institut für Zuckerrübenforschung, Göttingen, Germany) and Dr. Gustavo Bonaventure (now at BASF SE, Gent, Belgium). The article reviews the use of imaging and image processing for various tasks in crop phenotyping, comprising laboratory tests, greenhouse studies, and field phenotyping. Using cameras beyond RGB imaging together with intelligent image processing, physiological properties of the plants can be analyzed and used of crop science and breeding.

The book “Intelligent Image Analysis for Plant Phenotyping” is available at Routledge Taylor and Francis Group:

LemnaTec’s contribution is in chapter 2: “Multisensor Phenotyping for Crop Physiology”