Review Paper on Ecotoxicology

New Review Paper on Ecotoxicology

LemnaTec Chief Scientist Dr. Marcus Jansen on the new review article “High-throughput screening paradigms in ecotoxicity testing: Emerging prospects and ongoing challenges” published in Chemosphere recently

High-throughput screening paradigms in ecotoxicity testing: Emerging prospects and ongoing challenges

Marcus Jansen

Marcus Jansen

Upon initiative of Prof. Dr. Donald Wlodkowic, I have co-authored a review paper on testing technologies, including imaging and image processing methods. Don is an expert in ecotoxicology working at the RMIT University in Melbourne, Australia. In the review he describes a broad range of technologies and methods including biochemical, molecular, microscopic, and imaging-based techniques. My contribution to the review focused on imaging methods for duckweed, seeds, seedlings, and growing plants. The LemnaTec PhenoAIxpert and SeedAIxpert systems characterize seed and plant phenotypic properties at various levels, including sizes, geometry, and colors. As toxic substances typically act as inducers of physiological stress, phenotypic alterations are likely to occur once plants are exposed to such substances. This means that they change in size, shape, or color compared to the non-exposed individuals. By applying phenotyping technologies, such changes can be documented and measured.

Taken together we achieved a broad insight into current methods and technologies that serve to assess toxic effects at multiple levels. However, the paper is not only addressing an audience of experts in ecotoxicology, as many technologies have further applications going beyond toxicology applications. Thanks to Don for his great work! We are proud to have the paper published!

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