LemnaTec’s phenotyping systems are strongly interconnected with science:

  • Technology relies on latest scientific knowledge
  • Phenotyping systems are used for scientific research – and for industrial applications
  • Scientific refereces – papers written by our customers prove the wide range of use cases

Advantage in Knowledge

Digital plant phenotyping and digital seed testing provide advantage in knowledge. Claiming such, we would like to point out the [...]

Plant Performance

Digital phenotyping delivers diverse parameters that describe the phenotypic appearance of a plant. In combination with time-course data, which indicate [...]

Laser Scanning

Laser scanners use active laser triangulation, or a phase shift method, to measure the complete morphological structure of plants [...]

Infrared Imaging

While exposed to the sun’s radiation, plant surfaces increase in temperature [8]. Infrared sensors monitor the intensity of IR [...]

Near-Infrared Imaging

Water content in plant tissue causes reflectance of electromagnetic radiation in near (700-1300 nm) and mid (1300-2500) infrared wavelength [...]

Hyper- and Multispectral Imaging

Hyperspectral cameras record a 2D projection of the measured object by scanning lines and measuring spectra of each scan-line. [...]

Fluorescence Imaging

Upon illumination, green plants emit red to far red fluorescence deriving from chlorophyll. Depending on pigment content or environmental [...]

Visible Light (RGB) Imaging

Visible light, or RGB, images are „classical“ photographs. Such images are widely used to monitor plant development, plant performance, [...]

LemnaTec PhenoCenter, the flexible automated laboratory phenotyping system for seedlings, Arabidopsis and beyond.

Biologists, agronomists, and breeders frequently use young seedlings for rapid testing of plant properties, features and responses. When screening [...]